“Everyone who works at Enfuego has, at some point in their career, experienced the pain of a difficult professional transition. For us, this work is personal.”

– Paul Hughes, Founder & CEO

“Everyone who works at Enfuego has, at some point in their career, experienced the pain of a difficult professional transition. For us, this work is personal.”

– Paul Hughes, Founder & CEO

Founding Enfuego

All it takes is a missing keyword here, a misinterpreted term there… and the job interview progression is either halted or never starts at all. After reliving this scenario over and over again in 2015, our founder Paul Hughes finally had enough.

Then he had an idea: Create a technology that advocates for job seekers by intuitively capturing and communicating job skills to employers with a resume that is automatically customized to better match a given job description. At the heart of this [new AI] technology is the concept of the“skill cloud” – a tool with the potential to outperform and replace resumes altogether.

Our Mission:
Create a more equitable job search process.

We believe people should be celebrated, admired and hired for more than how they look “on paper.” We know that qualified job candidates are being filtered out by language barriers and formatting errors, instead of being recognized for their unique experiences and backgrounds.

Our Method:

Use artificial intelligence to optimize resumes and the job search process with the goal of increasing middle class incomes by at least 10%.

Enfuego helps to demystify the job application process, something that benefits everyone from first-time job seekers to experienced professionals

Fixing a broken and biased system

There’s inherent bias embedded in the algorithms leveraged by Applicant Tracking Systems – software used by a majority of employers and hiring managers. These biases disproportionately affect minority groups and women. Because their applications are rarely seen by an actual person, there is no feedback loop to provide critical and constructive knowledge that could empower these job seekers.


The Black unemployment rate is consistently twice the white unemployment rate.
(source: Federal Reserve Economic Data, 2020)

24% - 35%

White job seekers receive on average 36% more callbacks than Black job seekers, and 24% more callbacks than Latinx job seekers.
(source: PNAS, 2017)


Only 34% of women negotiate starting salaries, compared to nearly half of men.
(source: Robert Half, 2018)

With a job match score and strong resume in hand, we help individuals feel more prepared to advocate for themselves knowing they are qualified, competitive job candidates.

Proprietary technology built for job seekers

Enfuego’s proprietary technology applies machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve the language barrier between people who write resumes and the ATS machines that read them. Enfuego is a first-of-its-kind, online platform featuring a new, patent-pending technology called Dynamic Content Resumes (DCR).

Our tools evaluate the skills entered and provide feedback on how well they match a job listing. This allows you to better characterize your talents or even build new skills before applying for a job. You can then create a Dynamic Content Resume for each job of interest. Resumes are tailored to the job selected with the proper formatting and typographical styles that ATS machines understand.

In other words, Enfuego bridges the gap between job seekers and their next job with tools to maximize their skills.

Invest in the future of equitable employment.

Interested in changing the status quo? We’re always excited to talk with new partners and investors.

Scottsdale, AZ

Meet the humans

Enfuego started as a spark of an idea. Frustrated with dead-end job searching, Paul Hughes decided to build a better platform. Now, he works for himself – and for all the job seekers out there.

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